Xplus Mobile

Mobile X-ray systems are used for non-destructive testing of installed components. The small pack size, low weight and long battery life ensure high mobility. Inspectors can comfortably take pictures in the field and evaluate them directly. This reduces the time required and thus the costs enormously compared to analogue film.

In many industries it is necessary to carry out regular quality inspections of safety-relevant structures. Classic examples are corrosion measurements of oil and gas pipelines, revisions of power plants or factories, inspection of aircraft for wear and tear and many others. Today, mobile X-ray systems are used for this purpose. The core requirements are long battery life, a small pack size, low weight, fast operational readiness and robust design. For this reason, VisiConsult has developed an extensive portfolio of mobile X-ray devices based on the security systems.
Users can carry out and evaluate the inspection directly in the field. With the Xplus, extensive functions such as digital filters, measuring tools, overlays and much more are available for this purpose. Furthermore, all image sources available on the market are pre-integrated into the software and even tubes can be controlled directly via the touch surface without a controller, thus further reducing weight.

  • Applications: Corrosion measurement, weld seam testing, aircraft overhaul, power plant overhaul etc.
  • Long battery life for mobile use in a backpack or peli case
  • Image sources: Digital detectors, CR memory plates and film
  • Xplus: Brilliant images with high dynamic range and contrast
  • Available for pulse tubes, continuous emitters and isotopes
  • Robust industrial design for the most demanding test requirements
  • Comprehensive archiving tools including DICONDE and ASTM compliant test reports
All solutions are proven in field and are designed in a rugged industrial design to endure the demanding conditions of mobile inspection jobs. The systems are highly mobile and can be transported in backpacks, Peli-cases or other convenient ways. To optimize the efficiency VisiConsult developed plenty of helpful accessories to speed up the inspection process: Holders, tripods, diaphragms and other gadgets are available.

The combination of different technologies like DR, CR, film or X-ray sources like mobile tubes, flashtubes or isotopes is highly dependent on the inspection task. As standards often require to archive the inspection results for multiple years or the end-customer demands the results to be delivered huge physical archives have to be built to store films accordingly. Using the Xplus storage tools the X-ray images can be archived conveniently to image databases or DICONDE files conforming to international standards. This saves time, space and money.